Tuesday, December 30, 2014

BzzAgent Kettle Brand Chips Review

I participate in a WOM site called BzzAgent. I received a coupon for free Kettle Brand Real Sliced Potato Chips for this review, however the opinions expressed are my own.

1st Review: Sea Salt Flavor
I finally found some of the chips at my local Fred Meyer and grabbed my usual go to flavor Sea Salt. The chips have a nice texture, and unlike other kettle chips I've tried, these are not as hard as rocks. The have the perfect amount of crispiness to them. That being said there was not nearly enough salt on them. I tend to like bland food, but even these were too bland for me. I hardly tasted any salt at all. These chips are not bad though, I like that the ingredients list is simple and that there are no gmos or harmful/questionable ingredients in them. I just wish there was a little more flavor there. I've been looking through some of the other flavors and think I will give them a try. I've never heard of Olive Oil potato chips before, so that should be interesting. However, these, while not horrible, are seriously lacking in the flavor department.

2nd Review: Olive Oil Flavor:
I was able to try a new flavor of the Kettle Brand Real Sliced Potatoes recently, Olive Oil. First, the smell caught me off guard. There was something about it that just smelled disgusting. I immediately wasn't sure I wanted to even try the chips because the smell was so bad. I made myself though, and I'm glad I did! The flavor was unusual, reminiscent of a Greek salad. It is perfect for a sandwich though and goes perfectly with just about any light meal. The texture is nice, it isn't too crunchy or hard. Overall these are great chips. Don't be fooled by the smell, the taste is 1000 times better.

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