Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Pocket Posh Christmas Word Roundups 3 REVIEW

I received Christmas Word Round up 3 for Christmas and LOVE IT!! Basically Word Round Ups are word searches, but instead of specific words to find the book gives you hints and you must find all of the words in the puzzle that relate to that hint. They lovely little puzzles that can be done in a few minutes. Great for if you're waiting in line or in a doctor's office. They are not hard but there is the occasional challenging puzzle that takes a while to figure out. Some of the puzzle hints are repeated through out the book, but this honestly did not have a big effect on the enjoyment I received from the puzzles. And to top it all off the cover is just nice to look at! No bold words or ugly covers. Pocket Posh books are pretty and fit nicely into my purse. I can't wait to track down more of these fun books!