Monday, October 7, 2013

First "Bad" Princess Maker Ending.

Not much to say, I was going for this ending. Also, Olive ended up marrying the devil...did not see that coming.

Bondage Queen

Refinement = 201
Charisma = 201
Morals = 29
Sin = 500
Fighting Reputation = 210

You daughter now administers discipline to the rich men for a price.

The Clueless Baker: Hermit Cookies

Just another cookie I wanted to try. They looked unique in the cookbook and I wanted to try something new.

I made them according to the recipe, except when it came time to put them on the cookie sheet. At first I used a rounded teaspoon (an actual measuring spoon) like the book said, but I had a really hard time getting consistently sized cookies. So, I used a teaspoon (like the kind you use at the table) and was able to get a more consistent cookie size. ...Unfortunately, I ended up making them twice as big as the cookbook had intended.:

They still turned out okay, and I didn't have to adjust the time at all. I just ended up with about 18 cookies rather than three dozen.

The cookies were delicious! Well, if you like the taste of cloves. It tasted like Christmas. Even though cloves were the flavor it tasted like gingerbread! I used golden raisins instead of regular and I must suggest that anyone who reads this do the same. The raisins were mild and complemented, rather than competed with the taste of the cloves.

Everyone in my family loved the cookies! In fact, my mom has decided to make it one of the five different types of cookies we make every year during the holiday season!