Friday, September 13, 2013

New Ending For Princess Maker 2!

Okay, this time I played a father who really wanted a boy. So instead of treating my girl like a daughter I treated her like a son. For the first 5 years I trained her and forced her to go on adventures. She accomplished everything there was to accomplish in the four adventure areas and her fighting reputation skyrocketed. However, I started to notice that she have no Refinement or Intelligence, not to mention her Sin was way too high. So I started treating her more like a lady, I took her off the robust diet and put her on a weight loss diet to boost her confidence. I also, made her take Theology, Science, Protocol and Strategy classes. That combined with the Babysitting, Tutoring, and Housework job made her more well rounded and this was the result I was able to achieve.


Intelligence = 500
Morals = 30
Faith = 400
Sensitivity = 300
Fighting Reputation = 421
Magic Reputation = 370
Social Reputation = 370
Housework Reputation = 370

Your daughter is now a General in the King's army.

This ending is one step up from the Royal Guard Ending I obtained before. I was also able to get my daughter to marry Cube! She fainted a lot during her adventures and was sick a lot (I made Cube take care of her), this is what fosters a relationship between them. I read on the internet that getting Cube make the Patron Deity upset with you...this was not my experience. The Patron Deity I had (Mars) was okay with the marriage, but was concerned where it may lead. He still said I was a good father. I don't know what was different in my experience, but I would be interested to here anyone else's result!

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