Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My Newest Princess Maker 2 Result

Okay, this time I tried to be very even handed. Every month Olive had ten days of class, ten days of work, and ten days of rest. I even did every class evenly. I treated my daughter nicely and visited the castle every month...This is my result:

Domestic Training

Fighting Reputation = 190
Magic Reputation = 190
Social Reputation = 190
Housework Reputation = 421

Your daughter will learn how to keep house until she becomes a beautiful bride. These are basic stats as my daughter had 500 in Housework Rep and 300 - 400 in everything else and still had this ending. :/
She also ended up with the prince! Not exactly what I thought would happen, I don't really know what my expectations were, but nonetheless I was still surprised. I also found out something about the game: When you give her an equal amount of training in more than one class, the MOST RECENTLY TAKEN class is what is put in her letter and is what's considered the "Most Taken" class in the game.

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