Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Leslie Sansone: Walk at Home - The Big Burn- 2 Miles of Intervals *Review*

So basically I've decided that I just going to randomly grab exercise DVDs from my mom's library and give each and every one a try. After the mistake that was Bedroom Body I felt that it was a change of pace was in order. My mom owns many cardio DVDs, particularly DVDs by Leslie Sansone.  She often  raves about them and they seem to be her preferred exercise routines. So it's only fair that I give Sansone a try right?

The Host:
Leslie Sansone is fun a easy going as a host. She very much about not putting pressure on the viewer to do anything that is outside of their comfort zone. She likes to joke a little with the camera crew and is very engaging. She does talk a lot, but it is not useless information. She reminds the viewer of the proper form and counts down to the next exercise. Everything about Sansone exudes warmth and fun. She is not serious our in your face, her exercise creed is about movement and lifestyle, not physical appearance and the end result.

The Music:
The music is generic like any other exercise DVD, but it does serve a purpose. 4 different songs played throughout the workout. Warm-up music, walking music, jogging music, and cool down music. Each of the songs give the viewer an idea of how fast one should move. It just gives an automatic reminder of the energy level that is needed for the respective part of the workout.

The Workout:
The workout is a nice, easy, 30 minute routine. If you are accustomed to vigorous workouts and like it that way, this is not the DVD for you. It's a no pressure, go at your own pace, kind of workout. Minimal upper body movement and overall a lower energy workout. Perfect for beginners or if you don't have a treadmill. At the end of the workout I really felt like I spent 30 minutes on the treadmill. However, I find the treadmill far more entertaining because I can listen to my music or watch a TV show. If one doesn't have the luxury of a treadmill or a gym membership this gives the exact feeling at the end of the workout that walking on the treadmill would.

Lovely DVD, a little boring for my taste, but still very nice. Great for beginners or those looking for a low cost weight loss DVD.

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