Wednesday, September 4, 2013

BzzAgent Review: Silk Fruit and Creamy Yogurt

When I agreed to be part of this BzzAgent campaign I completely forgot that Silk products are made with soy! I'm really allergic to soy and was unable to even try this product without fear of severe stomach cramps. So, I had my mother try it instead.

My mom has enjoyed other Silk products like Silk Fruit and Protein and was willing to try the yogurt as well. She was skeptical, but was pleasantly surprised. According to her the texture of the Silk yogurt was FAR better than that of regular yogurt. It was smooth and creamy without being overly thick. It also didn't have the bitter taste or sour after taste of regular yogurt. My mother's only complaint is that she would have liked more fruit pieces in the yogurt.

Overall, Silk Fruit and Creamy yogurt was a big hit with my mother, whom I would like to add, doesn't really like yogurt. Yet, she loves this and says she would have it as a light snack. I can't wait to introduce this to the rest of my family!

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