Sunday, September 8, 2013

Bedroom Body With Angie Miller

My next exercise video review! I meant to do this a week ago, but was distracted by life.

I wasn't thrilled with the title of this video, it sounds like one of those stripper aerobic DVDs. However, my mom said that there wasn't anything overtly sexual in the workout so I decided to give it a try.

The Host:
Angie Miller is incredibly annoying. She never stops talking.  Her voice is slightly grating and certainly doesn't command the viewer to pay attention. This wouldn't be a big deal if she was reminding the person of proper form or positioning, but this is rarely the case. She often just speaks for the sake of speaking. She says something once in a while about form, but usually it's some cutesy way of looking at it that doesn't properly convey what is expected of the exerciser.

The Music:
The music is cheesy and doesn't serve any purpose...enough said.

The Workout:
There were 3 separate workouts on the DVD; Buff Body Blast, Booty Burner, and Core & Pelvic Floor workout. I did Buff Body Blast twice. The workout was cutesy and one of the main focuses seemed to be looking cute while working out at the expense of proper form. The reason why I stress proper form is because when a workout is done improperly it can cause injury.  Miller  moves entirely too fast for her moves. I kept pace despite my better judgment because I wanted to experience it from a beginner's point of view...I hurt my back. I ended up not being able to do a strength training video again for a week and a half. Miller does not give enough reminders and her pace is too quick, injury is inevitable. I didn't end up doing any of the other workouts.

All in all I WOULD NOT recommend this DVD to anyone.

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