Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Another Princess Maker Ending!

This time around I tried for the Hero ending, when I was nearing the end I was trying to get Olive's Sensitivity up to the recommended level of 500. She ending up running away every other month! All of her reputations dropped to the point where they could not be saved. I ended up with this ending:


Intelligence = 300
Art = 80

Your daughter is now writing novels for the people of the kingdom.

At least it's still a new ending, AND this time I was able to get her to marry the Dragon Youth! It didn't necessarily seem like a good match, but still it was very cute! I've been trying to get it the past couple of times, but each time didn't get it. You have to wait until AFTER her 16th birthday. Then go to the dragon ruins, defeat the young dragon. Go see the old dragon 2 separate times and after a couple of month they should be at your doorstep.

Next time around I think I will give my daughter a different birthday so her attributes are different. Maybe even go for the not so flattering endings!

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