Sunday, September 22, 2013

Princess Maker 2: Queen! marriage....Damn

The title pretty much sums it up. I changed Olive's birthday to the middle of October. She's now a Libra instead of an Aries. I tried for the Ruling Queen ending only to end up marrying the CURRENT king. close. Oh well maybe next time.

Queen by Marriage

Charisma = 499
Fighting Reputation = 370
Magic Reputation = 370
Social Reputation = 421
Housework Reputation = 370

If you can't rule them, marry them I always say. ^_^

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Another Princess Maker Ending!

This time around I tried for the Hero ending, when I was nearing the end I was trying to get Olive's Sensitivity up to the recommended level of 500. She ending up running away every other month! All of her reputations dropped to the point where they could not be saved. I ended up with this ending:


Intelligence = 300
Art = 80

Your daughter is now writing novels for the people of the kingdom.

At least it's still a new ending, AND this time I was able to get her to marry the Dragon Youth! It didn't necessarily seem like a good match, but still it was very cute! I've been trying to get it the past couple of times, but each time didn't get it. You have to wait until AFTER her 16th birthday. Then go to the dragon ruins, defeat the young dragon. Go see the old dragon 2 separate times and after a couple of month they should be at your doorstep.

Next time around I think I will give my daughter a different birthday so her attributes are different. Maybe even go for the not so flattering endings!

Friday, September 13, 2013

New Ending For Princess Maker 2!

Okay, this time I played a father who really wanted a boy. So instead of treating my girl like a daughter I treated her like a son. For the first 5 years I trained her and forced her to go on adventures. She accomplished everything there was to accomplish in the four adventure areas and her fighting reputation skyrocketed. However, I started to notice that she have no Refinement or Intelligence, not to mention her Sin was way too high. So I started treating her more like a lady, I took her off the robust diet and put her on a weight loss diet to boost her confidence. I also, made her take Theology, Science, Protocol and Strategy classes. That combined with the Babysitting, Tutoring, and Housework job made her more well rounded and this was the result I was able to achieve.


Intelligence = 500
Morals = 30
Faith = 400
Sensitivity = 300
Fighting Reputation = 421
Magic Reputation = 370
Social Reputation = 370
Housework Reputation = 370

Your daughter is now a General in the King's army.

This ending is one step up from the Royal Guard Ending I obtained before. I was also able to get my daughter to marry Cube! She fainted a lot during her adventures and was sick a lot (I made Cube take care of her), this is what fosters a relationship between them. I read on the internet that getting Cube make the Patron Deity upset with you...this was not my experience. The Patron Deity I had (Mars) was okay with the marriage, but was concerned where it may lead. He still said I was a good father. I don't know what was different in my experience, but I would be interested to here anyone else's result!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My Newest Princess Maker 2 Result

Okay, this time I tried to be very even handed. Every month Olive had ten days of class, ten days of work, and ten days of rest. I even did every class evenly. I treated my daughter nicely and visited the castle every month...This is my result:

Domestic Training

Fighting Reputation = 190
Magic Reputation = 190
Social Reputation = 190
Housework Reputation = 421

Your daughter will learn how to keep house until she becomes a beautiful bride. These are basic stats as my daughter had 500 in Housework Rep and 300 - 400 in everything else and still had this ending. :/
She also ended up with the prince! Not exactly what I thought would happen, I don't really know what my expectations were, but nonetheless I was still surprised. I also found out something about the game: When you give her an equal amount of training in more than one class, the MOST RECENTLY TAKEN class is what is put in her letter and is what's considered the "Most Taken" class in the game.

Leslie Sansone: Walk at Home - The Big Burn- 2 Miles of Intervals *Review*

So basically I've decided that I just going to randomly grab exercise DVDs from my mom's library and give each and every one a try. After the mistake that was Bedroom Body I felt that it was a change of pace was in order. My mom owns many cardio DVDs, particularly DVDs by Leslie Sansone.  She often  raves about them and they seem to be her preferred exercise routines. So it's only fair that I give Sansone a try right?

The Host:
Leslie Sansone is fun a easy going as a host. She very much about not putting pressure on the viewer to do anything that is outside of their comfort zone. She likes to joke a little with the camera crew and is very engaging. She does talk a lot, but it is not useless information. She reminds the viewer of the proper form and counts down to the next exercise. Everything about Sansone exudes warmth and fun. She is not serious our in your face, her exercise creed is about movement and lifestyle, not physical appearance and the end result.

The Music:
The music is generic like any other exercise DVD, but it does serve a purpose. 4 different songs played throughout the workout. Warm-up music, walking music, jogging music, and cool down music. Each of the songs give the viewer an idea of how fast one should move. It just gives an automatic reminder of the energy level that is needed for the respective part of the workout.

The Workout:
The workout is a nice, easy, 30 minute routine. If you are accustomed to vigorous workouts and like it that way, this is not the DVD for you. It's a no pressure, go at your own pace, kind of workout. Minimal upper body movement and overall a lower energy workout. Perfect for beginners or if you don't have a treadmill. At the end of the workout I really felt like I spent 30 minutes on the treadmill. However, I find the treadmill far more entertaining because I can listen to my music or watch a TV show. If one doesn't have the luxury of a treadmill or a gym membership this gives the exact feeling at the end of the workout that walking on the treadmill would.

Lovely DVD, a little boring for my taste, but still very nice. Great for beginners or those looking for a low cost weight loss DVD.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Clueless Baker: Giant Snickerdoodles

COOKIE TIME!! I love cookies. Who doesn't love cookies? Especially homemade cookies!

My family has been desperate for some good quality sweets lately, so I thought cookies would be a good time to try a snickerdoodle recipe. I've never made snickerdoodles before. Occasionally I buy one at the store, but it's never very good. My mom made them one time too and I LOVED them, but we kind of feel like were not allowed to make them. I have a family member that gets irate if anyone but her makes snickerdoodles for the holidays. She seems to think that she is the god and master of all snickerdoodles....I tried her snickerdoodles once....they weren't very good. So I decided to snickerdoodles this once. No one in my family was sure they even liked the cookie (they don't remember when I was 8 and my mom made the cookies).

They turned out nice:

These are the only pictures I was able to get of the cookies. They were gone as soon as they were cool. This snickerdoodle recipe was AWESOME! I didn't even realize how good cream of tartar can taste! It's kind of like a mix between cake and walnuts, that mixed with the cinnamon makes for one tasty cookie. My mom who was sure she didn't like snickerdoodles LOVED these cookies. Everyone wants to make sure I save the recipe and have agreed to keep it from the territorial snickerdoodle family member.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Bedroom Body With Angie Miller

My next exercise video review! I meant to do this a week ago, but was distracted by life.

I wasn't thrilled with the title of this video, it sounds like one of those stripper aerobic DVDs. However, my mom said that there wasn't anything overtly sexual in the workout so I decided to give it a try.

The Host:
Angie Miller is incredibly annoying. She never stops talking.  Her voice is slightly grating and certainly doesn't command the viewer to pay attention. This wouldn't be a big deal if she was reminding the person of proper form or positioning, but this is rarely the case. She often just speaks for the sake of speaking. She says something once in a while about form, but usually it's some cutesy way of looking at it that doesn't properly convey what is expected of the exerciser.

The Music:
The music is cheesy and doesn't serve any purpose...enough said.

The Workout:
There were 3 separate workouts on the DVD; Buff Body Blast, Booty Burner, and Core & Pelvic Floor workout. I did Buff Body Blast twice. The workout was cutesy and one of the main focuses seemed to be looking cute while working out at the expense of proper form. The reason why I stress proper form is because when a workout is done improperly it can cause injury.  Miller  moves entirely too fast for her moves. I kept pace despite my better judgment because I wanted to experience it from a beginner's point of view...I hurt my back. I ended up not being able to do a strength training video again for a week and a half. Miller does not give enough reminders and her pace is too quick, injury is inevitable. I didn't end up doing any of the other workouts.

All in all I WOULD NOT recommend this DVD to anyone.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

BzzAgent Review: Silk Fruit and Creamy Yogurt

When I agreed to be part of this BzzAgent campaign I completely forgot that Silk products are made with soy! I'm really allergic to soy and was unable to even try this product without fear of severe stomach cramps. So, I had my mother try it instead.

My mom has enjoyed other Silk products like Silk Fruit and Protein and was willing to try the yogurt as well. She was skeptical, but was pleasantly surprised. According to her the texture of the Silk yogurt was FAR better than that of regular yogurt. It was smooth and creamy without being overly thick. It also didn't have the bitter taste or sour after taste of regular yogurt. My mother's only complaint is that she would have liked more fruit pieces in the yogurt.

Overall, Silk Fruit and Creamy yogurt was a big hit with my mother, whom I would like to add, doesn't really like yogurt. Yet, she loves this and says she would have it as a light snack. I can't wait to introduce this to the rest of my family!

Monday, September 2, 2013

The Clueless Baker: Zingy Lemon Bars

So there are about ten recipes left (including this one) in the book that I want to make. I'm tired of making them in the order that they appear in the book, so I will be bouncing around until I'm finished with the book.

There really isn't a whole lot to say about this recipe. I followed the directions and the bars came out nice.

I thought that the crust was a little too thick, but everyone else in my family loved them. I think I'm just really critical of anything I make. My mom and I agreed that the lemon flavor could have been just a bit more prevalent, but it's not like there wasn't any flavor. I think what it boils down to is personal preference. I like really STRONG citrus flavors, to the point that the dessert is a little sour and that's hard to find in desserts. So, the bars weren't spectacular, but it's a basic baking book so what can I really expect right? 

That's it. Really short post this time, but everything went smoothly and there isn't much to comment about the taste. Nothing bad happening and nothing good makes for a pretty boring blog post.