Friday, August 16, 2013

Princess Maker 2 My Next 3 Endings

Okay after I finished PM2 the first time I decided to be a mean mother and do what I could to allow Olive to hate me.  I made her work and never let her go to school. I only gave her breaks when she was sick and would scold her every month even when she wasn't being rebellious. I gave her a robust diet because I was tired of Olive getting sick and being on death's door every month...apparently this makes a huge difference. She still thanked me at the end of the game! AND Mars said I was a good father! I was trying to be mean and make her hate me, but apparently I still too nice. She ended up working at the Sleazy Bar part-time. There is another ending that has her working full time. Until I get the full time ending I won't be posting the picture that goes along with the ending. I will, however, give you guys the general stats needed for the ending.

Part Time

Fighting Rep = 70
Magic Rep = 60
Social Rep = 50
 Housework Rep = 40

I tried for the Grand Poobah ending again, but apparently made Olive too smart at she became a scholar.

Scholar (Ph.D.)

Intelligence = 500
Morals = 300
Faith = 400
Fighting Reputation = 381
Magical Reputation = 370
Social Reputation = 360
Housework Reputation = 350

Your daughter will be university bound, but not so bookish that she can't keep a decent fighting reputation about her.
Finally I decided to spoil Olive. She didn't go to school or work a job. Every week she went on vacation and never worried or became stressed. However, all of the trips to the mountains made her super sensitive and she ran away every other month. In the end she became a maid and I was still praised by Mars.


Fighting Reputation = 70
Magic Reputation = 60
Social Reputation = 50
Housework Reputation = 40

Your daughter has to clean other people's houses for a living now. Poor Cube, he blames himself for not being diligent in helping to raise her.

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