Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Kelly Coffey-Meyer's 30-Minutes to Fitness Your Best Body *REVIEW*

I've recently become more focused on building strength. This is mostly due to me finally being able to obtain a PAX Prime ticket (yay!). So I figure, why not do reviews on the videos I exercise to?

Your Best Body is the only video I've done so far, but after doing is three times a week for the past month I'm getting bored with it. It's a good video though.

Kelly Coffey-Meyer is a fine host. She's not annoying, she doesn't talk incessantly, but she does give you reminders on form that help to get the best results of the workout.

I thought that the music would be cheesy in a workout video and it kind of was, but it was also really good in it's own way. The music was timed PERFECTLY with the workout so I could tell how long my repetitions had to be by the beat of the music. The music wasn't annoying either, but it certainly wasn't something I want on my MP3 player.

The warm up was way to fast. I became lost about 30 seconds in and had a hard time following it. This didn't last long however, because the warm-up was also too short. It had to be only two minutes long. Needless to say, I only did it once.

This workout I like less than workout two, but it is still solid. The leg and lower body workouts are good and not two intense for those that have weak knees or ankles. It will still kick your ass though. The focus is slightly more on lower body in this workout, but there are still some nice arm and back exercises as well.

LOVE this one! Back, shoulders, arms, and chest get a nice workout. Legs do too, but modifications are needed in this workout for the legs. The host uses lunges a little too much for me and it hurts my knee. The chest workout is a 100 times better than in workout 1. This workout also includes a stretch portion at the end and is very nice.

I tried to do this once and all I can say is DO NOT ATTEMPT IF YOU DON'T DO YOGA!! I tried to do some of the positions, but they are too advanced for me. I'm not that flexible, I don't stretch or do yoga at all! The stretch at the end of workout 2 is much better.

So, overall a nice beginner strength training video. Tolerable host, okay music, solid routine. If however, your more advanced, don't waste you money. It will be to easy for you.

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