Thursday, July 25, 2013

Simple Living - 30 days to less stuff and more life by Lorilee Lippincott *Review*

I found this book for free on Amazon. I've been thinking about embracing minimalism lately and thought this would be a great place to start.

This book taught me that while some of the principles of minimalism are good to think about, minimalism as a whole is impractical for the majority of people. Keeping a space completely clear and getting rid of things simply so you can have clear space isn't always a good thing. Granted she does state that a lot of thing are a matter of personal needs. Her solution if you suddenly need something you purged is to simply buy another one. To me that just seems like a waste of money and could quite possibly become a cycle of money spending. Also, I realized that minimalism seems to be for people and families who prefer time spent outside of the house. Be it church activities, school activities, hikes, trips to the park, etc. you kind of have to be the type of person who is home only long enough to eat and sleep (and maybe work if you have a home office), but spend all of your free time out of the house. This is the opposite of myself and my family. My idea of a good time is reading a book, playing a game (be it video game or board game), and cooking. All of these require space at home to do and I like to replay and reread my stuff, it may be five years down the road, but I do replay and reread them. Minimalism just doesn't work for me. However I could see how it might help someone else, there were a few things brought up that even a non-minimalist should think about.

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