Thursday, June 20, 2013

Bzz Agent: Kroger 8 Piece Deli Fried Chicken

My mom, my sister and I used the coupon for free Kroger 8 piece chicken dinner because it was my last day of school, and my mom had a late shift at work.

My sister and I had the chicken breasts and my mom had the wings. I really liked the chicken it wasn't overly greasy the way fried chicken can be sometimes, yet it still had that "this is not good for you, but it's delicious so I don't care" flavor. I eat my fried chicken with a fork (I know I'm weird)and it was really easy to actually eat. Normally it's really hard to pick out the meat with my fork, I have to really work in order to actually eat the chicken. With Kroger it was a lot easier, the chicken practically fell off the bone and wasn't tough the way some other deli fried chicken that I've had before did. My mom loves fried chicken so she automatically loved it. My sister likes everything so I didn't hear any complaints from her either. Since everyone liked this meal (which is rare), we had corn and a baked potato with it, it will probably become a somewhat regular meal in my house.

No one in my family likes dark meat, so what was left of the 8 piece dinner was chopped up and given to my cat and dog as well as some of the cats in my neighborhood. Which was actually nice because usually we have to make my dog her own chicken and rice (vet's orders, she has some food sensitivities), she didn't have any problems and we didn't have to do much extra work.

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