Friday, May 17, 2013

Timeless by Gail Carriger Review

Gail Carriger's Parasol Protectorate series comes to a close in it's final volume, Timeless. The series makes it exit with more of a soft poof rather than a loud bang.

The entire story of Timeless centers around an invitation from the oldest vampire of all time, Matakara and the God Breaker Plague. Matakara, having gotten wind of Alexia's skin stealer daughter essentially demands that Alexia come to Egypt for tea. The main driving force of this particular novel is etiquette and proper form. While it's always influenced events in the previous books in the series, in Timeless it drags the plot though the path. It's not that I hated it, I just didn't care for it as a driving force. Alexia lost some of her biting wit in this book too. In fact, she kind of fades into the background while her daughter take center stage (which makes sense given the main character of PPA).

Anyway, of course all three Maccons, plus four Tunstells, and a variety of actors make their way to Egypt. After about 100 pages of, for the most part mundane travel by ship they finely arrive in Egypt and the focus of the story actually starts...or does it? After a plot mystery is introduced the story takes a bit of a detour...well an obvious mystery really. 75 pages of what ends up being pretty much pointless. Then the story goes fast forward for the last 30 pages. A lot of important things happen in quick succession and left me wanting a little more.

The book wraps up nicely and despite the way this review may look I did like it. Carriger ties up most of the loose ends, yet leaves enough unsaid to create a nice path to PPA. My only real complaint is that there wasn't enough Akeldama. I don't think this was a bad final volume at all, it was overall nicely written and I have read far worse final books.

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