Sunday, May 26, 2013

Shugo Chara Vol 1 by Peach-Pit Review

Shugo Chara is about a shy girl who dresses goth named Amu. She apparently doesn't like to dress goth though. I couldn't really tell if she didn't change her manner of dress because her mother made her wear those clothes or if it was because it's "not in her character". It was kind of irritating though. Her mother didn't seem like the pushy type, so why didn't Amu change her appearance if that's what she wanted? Instead of changing her clothes she makes a wish, she wishes that she can change her character and become a different person.

This is where the main focus of Shugo Chara comes in. After making her wish Amu wakes up the next morning and finds three eggs. These end up being character eggs that will later turn into character guardians. These little fairy like creatures can take control of Amu and cause her to do things she normally wouldn't do, like confess her love to her crush. The whole concept of them, while interesting and have a certain novelty to them, don't make a lot of sense. I'm not sure what the main plot is, but it has something to do with find something called an embryo. Not an embryo the way you and I think of an embryo, but some sort of magical specimen that can grant any wish.

On the whole, this wasn't a great introduction to the series. None of the characters have a stand-out personality and the plot comes across a little muddled. If I were in the age where computers weren't available I wouldn't waste another cent on this series. It didn't wow me and I have no idea what's really going on. However, we live in the information age and this series is old enough that people have scanned it and put it online. I'm not really one for piracy. I buy products that interest me and that I think are worth the money. This series is not one of them. I want to give it one more novel to catch my interest, but I'm not about to pay $10 for something that is probably going to be disappointing. So, I'm off to the internet to see if this series is worth the investment. The novelty of the series has lured me in for another volume, but not enough for me to risk my money reading it. If the series truly lures me in, I probably go to the store and buy a copy because I like have hard copies of my media, but if it is muddled again I'll leave it and look for something else to occupy my time.

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