Monday, May 27, 2013

Cruel Sister by David Conway review

In Cruel Sister Nimah Ryan makes a deal with her father that if she can take a failing company and increase its value ten times over within a year, she gets her sister Branna's job as CEO of the family company. The book spans this year and all of Nimahs trails, planning, and successes. All while dealing with problems in her personal life. The book is fast paced and easy to read. None of the business dealings are hard to follow and the book is entertaining overall.

There are only of few problems I have with the book one I noticed while reading and the another I realized only after thinking about the book for a few days (I like to mull the book over a little before I write a review).

The first problem I noticed while reading and it is small. The book at the beginning is a little choppy. There's just something about the writing that doesn't flow as well as it could. Some of the dialog chosen didn't feel like it fit the characters.

The other problem I noticed after mulling the book over for a little while. Nimah never really experiences any business set backs. She has some bumps in her personal life, but even when she leaves for a substantial amount of time her business never suffers and sometimes is even better then when she left. It just wasn't realistic.

The characters were engaging and the story is interesting I really liked it. The flaws listed above don't inhibit the ability to enjoy the book. The ending is abrupt, but not an annoying cliff hanger. It gives a sense of conclusion, yet still allows a path to a sequel. Very satisfying and I can't wait to read the next book.

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