Monday, April 22, 2013

The Batman Chronicles Vol.1 Review

I'm so glad I was finally able to find the Batman series in chronological order. I'm a bit of a purist and have to read or watch EVERYTHING in order. It drives me crazy not to know everything that happens! So I haven't been able to really get into comic books and that always bugged me. Especially after watching King of the Nerds and realizing I know nothing about super heroes.

The comics themselves are clearly classics. That being said you can CLEARLY see the time period these were written in. Most of the more ethnically diverse characters would be considered a racist stereotype by today's standards. The earliest comics were actually far more violent than I was expecting, not bad, just a little brutal. I noticed that when Robin was introduced the violence was toned down a lot. There was a kind of cool promotion of citizenship that Robin brought in as well. I'm definitely getting next volume.

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