Thursday, April 18, 2013

Point Your Face At This: Drawings by Demetri Martin Review

I won this book from a Goodreads giveaway. I won it for my sister, who is a big Demetri Martin fan.  However, since I won using my account I feel the need to write a review for it.

This book is a little beyond me. Most of the pictures fall into two categories,  1. Stupid guy humor (which my sister likes, but I don't), or 2. Need to be explained. Demetri Martin uses his drawings a lot in his comedy routine. He gives a set up, brings out the picture and comically explains his line of thought. When all you have are images it's kind of hard to get exactly why it's supposed to be funny.

With all of this said though there are also two smaller categories that the pictures can fall into. Humorous picture that are either funny look at everyday occurrences, pictures that have some writing on them and gives the set-up of the picture, and just oddly funny pictures that I can't really explain why I laughed. The last category is my favorite funny, yet thought provoking pictures that are often politically motivated. One example is a drawing that depicts  two booths one is called Information, the other is Propaganda. The Information booth is very simple while the Propaganda booth has been done up in a more extravagant fashion. The picture is funny, but also gives an interesting  (and accurate) view of our culture.

Overall, the book was entertaining for about a half hour. It's not something I would keep for myself, but my sister loves it so it was still a good win.

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