Sunday, April 21, 2013

Green Giant Veggie Snack Chips (BzzAgent)

I received my free bzzkit from Bzz  Agent about a week ago and have tried two of the veggie chip flavors.

Sea Salt flavor: This flavor was pretty good. It's not very salty like regular potato chips, but it's a nice subtle flavor. You can really taste the sweet potatoes. The chips have the same texture of regular chips, so you get that satisfying crunch, but the flavor isn't overwhelming.  They seem like perfect gaming marathon chips. Filling, tasty, easy to grab, and you get the added benefit of not getting thirsty as quickly.

Zesty Cheddar flavor: ......No, just no. They have the same look and texture of Doritos, but lack any of the flavor. My mom thought they tasted like diet Doritos; to me they tasted like old, stale goldfish crackers. No one in my immediate family cared for them at all.

Overall: Nice chips, I like that they have less fat then regular chips, but all in all it doesn't seem like you save a whole lot in calories. Not so good for dieters, but for those of you want a healthier snack they are a great option. _________________________________________________________

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